I have ordered a few of the products and will continue to do so in the future. For those looking for a torch option more reliable than iffy butane setups the Beam pairs with an existing rig to bring it into wireless era. The Beam wireless torch is a flameless and wireless torch. It was created as an alternative to sketchy and expensive butane devices.

A volcano vaporiser is a good choice if you don’t require a portable vape pen. A vape pen is a better option if you want to carry it around. The DaVinci IQ2 is a discreetly designed device that is slightly larger than its predecessor. It is also easier to clean and more enjoyable to use. It is a conduction vape, so it can be discreet, but it can also create a little more smell than its convection counterparts. A brand new, $499IQ2 carbon-fiber special model is also available. Although the brand claims that it disperses additional heat, we think it looks cool. CONVINIENT & AFFORDABLE We offer the most affordable wax and dab pen, the Ripp’n’Ditch.


You can adjust the temperature setting to suit the cannabis concentrate you’re using. Dab pens can be easily carried with you wherever you go. We teamed up with A$AP Rocky just under a year ago to collaborate on a new vaporizer project and now we finally get to share it with YOU! The Flacko Jodye collection boasts a luxurious wood grain veneer finish with gold accents. The ideal temperature for wax is 331 to 370 degrees F. This will allow you to get high but still be able function. This is the range most weed connoisseurs will want to have their pen set to.

The more expensive models have adjustable temperature settings, which require multiple buttons to operate. This can be confusing and can lead to a learning curve. As we already mentioned, concentrate vape pens can have design and appearance differences but most of them will have a simple, no-nonsense operation. We’ll break down the steps so you can see how easy it what is the best vaporizer to buy; www.field-holdings.co.kr, to use it. Concentrates are a more stable substance that must be melted prior to being inhaled.

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