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Sometimes auto parts are a necessity to keep the family car running. Rebuilt cylinder heads for your engine can save you around fifty percent over new cylinder heads. This can really help your budget especially since car repairs tend to not be something you can avoid for very long.

My, how things have changed one year later. The economy may be in a free fall, but oil prices are as well. From over $140 a barrel, they are now down in the $50 range. This means cheaper utility bills and massively cheaper prices at the pump. Heck, some parts of the country have gas prices coming in at under $2 a gallon. It’s enough to make you want to fire up the old SUV.

pull a part Secondly, pick a good work area to carry out the service. If you have a lock-up garage, make sure you have enough room around the entire vehicle to move freely with no obstructions. If you plan on working outdoors or in an open area make sure the weather will hold up long enough for you to complete the job at hand. Nothing is worse than having to change plan while you are halfway through the service or when the vehicle is immobile.

Hard questions, but I think once you dive in and identify your goals and pinpoint your target market – you are ready to examine what is actually the toughest part, the marketing mix. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with so many options, but here are some of my favorites and ones that I suggest to get my clients.

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pick a part Pull out the dip stick and wipe it off with a paper towel. (The oil dip stick has a yellow handle in most cars.)Push the clean dip stick back into the tube as far as it will go.

The world is like a smoker trying to quit cigarettes – we’re going a few days without lighting up. Ah, but what about our long term prospects? Will we be able to keep off the coffin nails for the future or will these lower prices have us huffing and puffing again in the near future?

2002 toyota prius If you have determined that the problem is in the antenna, your best bet is probably to replace it. Head to a Toyota 4Runner parts dealer and pick out a new Toyota antenna.

Many people make decisions about how to pick a dog with their heart and not their head. It’s important to refer back to the list whenever you are considering a dog. If you find yourself walking past the pet store and you see a cute English Bull dog puppy in the window that just seems pleading for you to take him home. Pull out your list. Your family loves to hike in the summer in the mountains? Then that English Bull Dog will have to stay home. You see a dog on a rescue site that is super cute but her bio says she’s nervous around strangers? Pull out your list. You have teenagers whose friends hang out at your house? She’s not the right dog for you.

Buy from the right auto parts store. If you aren’t in the know it’s quite difficult to spot a good store from a bad one. A good auto parts store will clearly display their contact details as well as displaying details about their stock. They should display which models they supply stock for and everything should be priced. The typical worker should know the stock inside and out and should know exactly what you need.

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